Friday, August 21, 2009

I love free stuff!

why, do you ask? i love winning contests. maybe it is a sub-concious self esteem booster. hmmm...

i always liked winning coloring contests. in second grade there was a pepsi coloring contest and i won a t-shirt. since the contest was among the entire elementary school, obviously the shirt was way too big - especially if you know me. since it was my very own t-shirt (my mom didn't buy THIS one), i decided to take matters into my own hands. when i got home from school, i changed into my new t-shirt and got out a pair of scissors. i found where the shirt came to the top of my pants and started cutting. well this proved harder than i thought it would be, so i decided it was a good starting point and took the shirt off. i kept cutting around the shirt since now i had easier access to the shirt. once i got back to my starting point, i had cut the shirt shorter than i had anticipated, so... i needed to trim the rest of the shirt. i kept cutting and cutting until i was satisfied the "hem" was "straight." i put the shirt back on and paraded around my house to show my family my new prize. when my mom saw what i had done (and how this shirt now showed an inch or two of my belly) she said, "you ruined the shirt! it was brand new!" of course i was upset my mom didn't like my "altering job" and stormed out of the room. when i looked in the mirror, i saw how my belly was showing and realized my mom was right. i took the shirt off and threw it on the ground. i never saw that shirt again.

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