Tuesday, September 1, 2009

my brother & the dried worm

when i was 6 or 7 i was playing behind one of the couches in our family room when i found a dried up earth worm (no clue how it got there...). i wasn't too afraid of worms, so i picked it up and examined it. i brought it around the house with me trying to figure out what i wanted to do with it.

my brother, jeff, was sitting in a chair in the family room, when i started down the stairs towards him. i thought i'd try a trick i'd seen recently. i hid the worm behind my back and said, "close your eyes and open your mouth and i'll give you a big surprise!" honestly, i didn't think he would fall for it. but i guess he trusted me!

immediately after placing the dried up worm in his wide-open mouth jeff began puking uncontrollably. he ran to the bathroom yelling at me and demanding what i had put in his mouth. he continued to puke but now into the toilet, which made me nauseous. since he was yelling so loudly the commotion attracted my mother. she asked me what i put into his mouth and i told her a dried up worm. "where did you find it?!!?" i told her behind the couch. then she scolded me and told me i would have to clean up the toilet now that jeff was finished. i started to clean it up but complained that i would throw up if i had to keep cleaning the toilet and got out of finishing.

jeff learned his lesson and never let me trick him again!

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