Friday, August 21, 2009

my first flashlight

my dad really likes running. in fact, i can't remember the first time i went to the track as a little girl to see what my new fastest time would be. he liked to see how far and how fast i could run. one year, i was either 6 or 7 years old, he asked me if i wanted to run a 5k down by the snake river. it used to be called "bridge to braves" since it was from the snake river bridge to the braves stadium. now it is called "scenic river classic" or something like that. in response, i was excited my dad asked me to run! flattered, even! now, 3.1 miles may not seem like a very far distance as an adult, but as a kid it felt like a marathon. i probably came in just under or over an hour (20 minute miles... i could walk that now). anyway, at the end of the race, they always had great harvest bread, orange and watermelon slices, gatorade - you know - the typical after-race energy food. they also did a raffle where your race number was placed in a jar to be drawn for prizes. my dad, my brother, and my sister all ran the race, too, so we had a pretty good chance of winning something. my brother's number got called first - a BIKE! pretty sweet. my sister's got called next... i can't remember what she won. there weren't many prizes left and then my number got called - a pink flashlight that had a magnet on it to stick it to the fridge. LAME. seriously? a flashlight? i was still excited to win something, i guess. my dad's number never got called. he was curious to see how many numbers were left in the jar, and there were 2 numbers left! my dad's was one of them. man, he has bad luck. at least i won a flashlight.

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