Thursday, September 17, 2009

climbing on the roof

i had a wood burning stove growing up (til i was 10). we had stacks after stacks of logs to split. thankfully we moved before it was one of my chores. those stacks of logs were under a covered porch in the backyard. the right side of the porch didn't have a wall. this meant (in my little brain at the time - i was probably 7) that the log stacks were a perfect "ladder" of sorts to climb to the roof. i wanted to bring someone with me on this adventure, and so i chose my younger sister (about 4) to join me. luckily no one got hurt, but the covered porch had fiberglass shingles. after getting in trouble and scolded to get down, we both itched like crazy! i wanted to go back up there again someday, but the memory of that itchiness must have stopped me.

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